Eighteen years ago, a long-abandoned fortress of the Gray Wardens was rediscovered along the banks of the Volca Sea…

Warren DuCarde, late of Orlais, came north to the Anderfels in search of a new life for his disgraced family, only to become embroiled in a fight to wrest control of the Randwald from the grips of Jyorll Skurn, the Mad Eye of Drakenkopf. Along the way, Warren met an eccentric mage from the Tevinter Imperium on a quest that intersected with his own. The two fell in love and each, in their own way, decided to forsake their pasts and look instead to a future, together.


With the fall of the Mad Eye came an opportunity…

The defeat of Skurn landed Warren in the long-lost Drakenkopf Hold, an ancient stronghold whose walls once fell to the Darkspawn during the Second Blight. Having abandoned the Randwald and declared the area “No Man’s Land,” the Baron of Laysh had relinquished all rights to claim the hold once it was freed from Skurn. So it was that Warren DuCarde and his wife, Heryot, inherited from the grateful Randwald citizens an honorary position as Lord and Lady of Drakenkopf.


The Gray Wardens came… and with them bring nearly two decades of peace and prosperity.

A contingent of Gray Wardens, having been informed of the keep’s rediscovery, came to Drakenkopf in hopes of plumbing its depths for relics of their fallen predecessors from the Divine Age, whom erected the crumbling stone walls and fell defending them against the onslaught of Darkspawn during the Second Blight. However, rather than wresting control of the keep, the Wardens instead asked for control of the old guard tower and absolute salvage rights of any and all relics discovered in the maze of Darkspawn tunnels entrenched beneath the keep’s surface. In exchange for such accommodations, the Wardens aided in the repairs and defense of the keep and its surrounding area. It was a symbiotic relationship, and one that bred unheard-of prosperity in the Randwald…

Dragon Age: Darkreach

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